Google Chromecast - 3rd Generation


Google Chromecast – 3rd Generation


  • Compact Design
  • Upto 1080p Resolution
  • Supports all wireless networks: Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
  • HDMI plugs directly into TV
  • Micro-USB power

Stream from your device to your TV. Just like that.

  • Stream from Android and iPhone®:
    Enjoy hundreds of Android or iPhone apps, and play or pause directly from your phone.
  • See your laptop on your TV:
    Mirror your laptop screen to your TV with your Chrome browser. Surf the web or see your media on the big screen.
  • Command your TV from your tablet:
    Turn your Android or iOS tablet into an even better entertainment centre. Just tap the Cast button in any compatible app.
  • Screenshot 95 - Google Chromecast - 3rd Generation

Put your voice in charge.

  • Start streaming by speaking:
    Use your voice to stream from compatible apps, mute the volume, rewind and more with Chromecast and Google Home.
  • See your Nest cameras on your TV:
    Check your Nest cameras and Nest Hello video doorbell from your sofa with Chromecast and Google Home.
  • Screenshot 96 - Google Chromecast - 3rd Generation

chromecast 1024x498 - Google Chromecast - 3rd Generation

Additional information

Dimensions & weight

Length: 52 mm
Width: 0.54 in (13.8 mm)
Diameter: 51.9 mm
Power cable: 1.52 m

Weight: 1.41 oz (40 g)




Full standard 1080p resolution


Supports all your wireless networks with Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)


Supports the standard 5 V, 1 A power supply
If you must use a different power supply to the one provided with your device, be sure to use a UL-listed power supply marked 'LPS' or 'Class 2', with output rated 5 V DC, 1 A.

Ports & Connectors

HDMI to plug directly into the TV
Micro-USB power

Supported operating systems

Android 4.2 and higher
iOS 9.1 and higher
Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
Windows 7 and higher

What's in the box

Power cable
Power adapter


TV with an HDMI port
Wi-Fi network
Wi-Fi-enabled supported device

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