Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones


Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones


  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • UHQ Audio
  • Two-Way Speakers Unit
  • Play Time: Up to 9 hours

Samsung UHQA Studio Sound

Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA) technology delivers a true 24bit digital audio experience with up to 2x wider frequency range than standard CD-quality wireless sound. Combined with noise-isolating ear gels, listeners experience vivid, concert hall sound. UHQA is compatible with select Samsung Galaxy devices..

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Two-way Speaker Units.

The 13mm Dynamic and 13mm Piezo speaker units deliver high-quality, clear sound. The dual-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation reduce outside sound interference and feedback during calls.

Screenshot 105 - Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones

Style & Performance

The ergonomic around the neck design of Level U PRO provides a comfortable way to keep your music and calls accessible. Ultra-soft, ergonomic ear gels and splash & sweat resistance** make it ideal for the active listener. Control call and music functionality intuitively by way of smart magnets in the earbuds – start/pause music and answer/end calls when magnets are connected or disconnected. You can even share your music with Sound Share, a feature that allows you to share audio with a second Level U PRO, Level On Wireless PRO or Level On Wireless headset.
** Exposure to excessive moisture can cause severe malfunction.

Screenshot 106 - Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones

The Samsung Level APP.

Use your Samsung Level U PRO Wireless headphones with the Samsung Level app. It provides additional features such as SoundAlive (Sound Effect), Volume Monitor and Text-To-Speech when connected with Samsung Bluetooth headphones. (Some features in this app may not be supported depending on your device.) Developed by Samsung, SoundAlive is a specially tuned up sound equalizer developed to provide a richer, fuller sound by optimizing settings for a broad range of music genres. SoundAlive can be set to change automatically with each song or adjusted manually to create a more unique experience. With 25 different sound effects, including rock, pop and jazz, you can tailor your music to your various moods and musical tastes.

Screenshot 107 - Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headphones

Additional information


Audio Streaming
Call Receiving
Mute/Reject Function
Play Time: Up to 9 hours
Talk Time: Up to 9 hours
Standby Time: Up to 300 hours
Built-In Battery (Li-Ion Battery)
3.5mm headphone connector

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