Why do I have to pay Rs. 500 in Advance?

Customers refuse to accept orders at the time of delivery without any reason, and they don’t receive our calls. They do not care about a small business.

For them, It’s just a usual thing in their life, recently we had to pay nearly Rs. 10,000 shipping cost (Including Delivery and Return costs). The orders were Christmas trees, and the average weight is 7KG.

The shipping cost is a part of our business, but when a shipment returns after three delivery attempts, its condition is too bad that we can’t send it to another customer or even return it to the vendor.

So we have made a new policy. To reduce the risk and survive as a small business.

When you buy a Christmas Tree, You will require to deposit Rs. 500 in advance and the rest amount will be paid at the time of delivery. (Cash on Delivery)

Contact us on WhatsApp: +92320126696 for more details.


  • This policy is only for new customers.
  • If a customer cancels the order before dispatch, the funds will be refunded.
  • If a customer cancels the order after dispatch or refuses to receive the shipment, the funds will not be refunded.
  • This policy is not for companies/shops/outlets. Their order can proceed in COD.
  • Not for Karachi orders